Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching assessments and resources for coaches


Coaching for Managers & Executives

We have experience working with managers and executives to develop self-awareness, effective communication, creativity, and leadership skills. In addition, any of our programs and assessment tools can be custom delivered to an individual with personal attention and feedback.

Leadership Development

Choose from products to help your organization master today’s challenges by developing leadership skills in every employee, at every level, from new managers, to the executive team.  We can:

  • Help you identify what your leaders need through leadership skills assessment,
  • Create leadership development plans for an individual or group,
  • Develop custom leadership and management training and other learning activities,
  • Provide assessments and resource material for you to use to deliver your own training.

Effective leadership is critical to achieving your organizational mission. Coaching and Development helps keep your organization’s leadership strong.

Whether you need to identify leadership skills/competencies, or create a leadership development program, a one-time leadership training event that boosts specific leadership skills, or one-on-one coaching, our assessment, training, and/or consulting services could be what you need.

What is Leadership & Executive Development?

You know how critical leadership skills (and hence, leadership development programs) are to organizational effectiveness. Leadership involves a person’s ability to inspire, influence, and enable others to contribute toward organizational effectiveness. Leaders create a vision, set direction, and provide people with objectives, tools, and incentives.

Leadership development describes a wide range of activities that are aimed at enhancing leadership skills (leadership competencies), including assessment and feedback, reading, instructor-led training, online learning, coaching, mentoring, or on-the-job assignments. We often recommend a “blended learning” approach that incorporates several or all of these activities into a leadership development program. Executive development simply refers to developing the leadership skills, or other skills, of executives in your organization. One-on-one coaching is often used for executives.

About Our Leadership Development Services and Products

Leadership Development can be  complicated because:

  • Sometimes it’s hard to find out which leadership skills need to be developed.
  • Different leaders have different areas for development.
  • It’s hard to choose the right blend of activities.
  • Costs and benefits of various options must be determined and weighed.

Take advantage of our years of experience in dealing with leadership and executive development challenges. We can:

  • Help you identify what your leaders need through leadership skills assessment
  • Use your leadership competencies or ours, or some combination
  • Help create leadership development plans for an individual or group
  • Develop custom leadership and management training and other learning activities (whether it’s one course or a leadership development program)

Examples of Leadership Topics Include:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Change Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Development
  • Effective Communication